Carol Darby

Client Services Administrator

Carol Darby began her career in the solid vocation of accounting. And then she moved from Australia to London and discovered world class restaurants in an exhilarating city. Lured by that industry, Carol began an apprenticeship as a chef in her late 20’s and spent some very happy years working for well-known chefs in well-known restaurants.

As exciting as working in that industry can be, it is an all-consuming passion. Carol decided to take some time out and spent a few years at university; studying sociology, human geography and public policy. This led to a position in the civil service, beginning as an executive assistant to a director general of a government department. The job required liaison between several government departments, becoming involved in a number of projects. The experience led to a position as a policy advisor for a Minister of Parliament.

A change of government meant Carol needed to find a new job and that steered her to Migrate UK. Carol’s work with Migrate UK involves managing the requirements of a major IT company and she has facilitated hundreds of visa applications.

Carol’s current all-consuming passion is travel. As many weekends as possible will be spent discovering hidden corners of a town or city somewhere in the UK or Europe.