Charted Business Institute has queried how a post-Brexit immigration system will function

Nov 29, 2019

The CBI query came after the latest immigration figures were released by the Office for National Statistics revealing a decrease in immigration.

Personnel Today spoke to a number of business leaders for their opinions. Migrate UK’s managing director Jonathan Beech provided this advice:

Any EU citizens or workers wanting to remain in the UK after Brexit must apply for pre-settled and settled status or, should they qualify, British Nationality, and by 31 December 2020 latest in the case of a no-deal. Until we’re clearer on whether we’re leaving on 31 January 2020 and under what conditions, applying now means you’re prepared for a worse case scenario.

Statisticians have stated the decrease is mainly because of decrease in EU citizens coming to the UK looking for work.

The ONS did find that immigration from people from outside the EU has continued to grow.

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