Hermanpreet Kaur

Immigration Consultant

Herman graduated with an LLB Law degree from the University of Leeds in 2019. She further pursued her studies and graduated with a distinction in LLM from Durham University. During her masters, Herman submitted a first-class dissertation on a controversial and complex topic of whether citizenship revocation is a legitimate response to the foreign fighter threat.

Herman has a profound interest in immigration law due to its ever-changing nature. Prior to joining Migrate UK in April 2021, she worked as a casework volunteer at Migrants Organise. Working very closely with the legal team, she provided extensive assistance on a variety of immigration matters. From completing legal application forms to assisting clients with collecting supporting documents for their immigration applications, Herman has gained significant experience in this field. She understands that every immigration case is unique and extremely personal to the individuals looking for establishing their lives or businesses in a different country.

She has also worked as a legal intern in various startup companies. Throughout her experiences, Herman has expressed her passion for customer care. 

She has a proven record of managing projects, building relationships and working independently.

During her spare time, Herman loves reading thrillers, mentoring law students and going to the gym.


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