Employers welcome call to lower post-Brexit visa salary threshold.

Jan 30, 2020

People Management asks Jonathan Beech for his comments

Published 29 January 2020 reported by Francis Churchill

Seeking employers reactions to the report published yesterday (28 January), by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) after their recommendation that the salary threshold be reduced from the current level of £30,000 (to £25,600), experts warned the changes will only provide ‘mild, temporary relief’ and some sectors will fare better than others.

Migrate’s MD Jonathan Beech provided these comments:

“Some sectors would definitely fare better under the recommendations than others. The construction sector, he said, would benefit from a number of job roles being included in a proposal to lower the skill level necessary to apply for vacancies. Hospitality, on the other hand, would be unlikely to benefit, with the salary threshold of £25,600 still high for the sector.”

“It’s important to note that migrants still need to be offered at least the ‘going rate’ for the vacancy they’re taking and the figure should be the higher of these two parameters – either £25,600 or the going rate.”

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