EU nationals working in higher education, healthcare and social care – settlement in the UK

Oct 16, 2018



EU Settlement Scheme:

Following the initial trial run of the EU Settlement Scheme in August 2018, the government has introduced its second private beta phase. This will run from 1st November 2018 to 21st December 2018 and will be rolled out to staff in higher education, health and social care sectors.

It is anticipated the scheme will fully open on 30th March 2019 after a further set of immigration rules is announced in December 2018 to be implemented in January 2019.

Under the second beta phase from 1st November, EU Citizens will need to prove their identity when applying for pre-settled/settled status and this will allow for individuals to do so remotely. The applicant’s Identity will be checked online as an integrated part of the online application process. However, the possibility to submit documents via post will remain open if the digital app is unable to read the relevant information.

Also, from 1st November 2018, an Administrative Review will be awarded under Appendix AR (EU) against any decision to either (i) refuse leave under the EU Settlement Scheme on eligibility grounds or (ii) to grant the limited leave to remain as oppose to indefinite leave to remain (ILR). Most importantly, the Administrative Review will consider ANY information and evidence submitted with the application for the review including information and evidence that was not available to the original decision maker. This is a major change from current policy.