EU Settlement Scheme – Apple now onboard

Nov 7, 2019

EU citizens living in the UK, who have the correct biometric document, can use the EU Exit: ID Document Check app to complete the identity stage of their application under the EU Settlement Scheme.

The app was initially launched on Android phones earlier this year and runs on Dutch firm InnoValor ReadID app.

Apple users, with a compatible device and the correct biometric documents, no longer need to gain access to an Android device in order to submit their application to the EU Settlement Scheme.

On the 18th of October the Home Office released a beta version of the app for iPhone models 8 and above. Due to the software update to IOS 13.2 the app is now available for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users.

Up to this point Apple devices have been unable to scan passports as Apple would not permit third-party developers to access the near-field communication (NFC) features needed to scan biometric passport chips. As this is a beta test by the United Kingdom Visas and Immigration (UKVI), the app may become available on other iPhone models in due course, although there is no immediate visibility on the timeline from the UKVI.

In order to use the ID Document Check beta app you will need IOS 13.02 or newer, at least 120MB of storage space to install the app and to be connected to 3G, 4G or WIFI.

Applicants without a biometric passport and non-EEA family members of EEA nationals without a biometric document issued under the European regulations, will not be able to use this app. They will need to submit a postal application or attend an in-person appointment at one of the 80 locations across the UK, where they can have their passport scanned and verified.