Unlocking Global Talent: How to Employ Overseas Workers in the UK

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There are currently over 50,000 UK companies finding skilled talent in the overseas market. However, 96% of UK businesses are not taking advantage of this opportunity.  

If you are in the 96%, we will guide you through our seven-step process which has enabled our clients to successfully employ overseas talent they need to accelerate growth, fulfill market demands, relieve overworked teams and improve productivity.

During this webinar, you will learn the following key steps to build the team you need to drive your business forward.

🚀 Evaluate overseas talent recruitment routes

🚀 Sponsor license options

🚀 Talent recruitment

🚀 Talent support

🚀 Home Office application

🚀 Sponsorship license management

🚀 Next recruit!

We very much look forward to sharing this with you - this may well be the most productive hour you will have spent this month!


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