Financial Times quotes Migrate UK’s research

Jul 8, 2019

In 2018, Migrate UK commissioned a survey of 1,000 human resource directors. The results indicated 66% were struggling to find sufficient skills since the Brexit referendum. Especially within banking (86%), finance (83%) and IT (79%) sectors.

This survey was referenced in Pilita Clark’s column, published in the Financial Times 1 July 2019, ‘A Brexit storm has already hit, and employers are paying for it’.
Ms Clark’s analysis of job ads on LinkedIn indicates a noticeable drop in the UK’s share of EU job searches. She notes that some experts have said that businesses are being driven to offer ‘lavish pay and perks’ to employees.

Migrate UK’s survey did indicate that higher salaries, bigger bonuses, extra holidays and new company car schemes were among extra incentives being offered.

Ms Clark writes that Migrate UK’s survey results match a more recent polling undertaken by Coleman Parkes research firm for LinkedIn.

Both surveys has been quoted in the Irish World Newspaper (Perks and payrises as UK businesses struggle to stop skilled employees saying goodbye) and the Irish times (Britan faces a drought and it’s Brexit’s fault).