Following MP’s rejection of Brexit deal, employers’ concerns grow over loss of talent

Jan 16, 2019

Following MPs’ rejection of Theresa Mays’ Brexit deal and the pending confidence vote, whatever happens next whether it’s a renegotiation, another referendum or even a call for a general election, the closer we get to March 29th then the greater likelihood of a stay of execution for EU nationals and of Article 50 being delayed.

Despite the outcome, this unprecedented uncertainty, anxiety and concern is continuing over the future of EU national workers and their dependents as well as employers trying to safeguard the skills they need to grow their business in times of uncertainty. 

Employers struggling against a depleting workforce should take immediate action, to safeguard their skills. Where employers haven’t already done so, identify gaps in your current and future workforce and highlight whether they’ve got the means of remaining in the UK in the future, be this via a residence permit / card or settlement / permanent residency.

Companies with genuine skilled vacancies should consider applying for a sponsor licence so they have access to a wider pool of talent. In addition, every business must have the correct permitted documentation to employ EU workers no matter what the outcome will be between now and March.”

Published in Real Business, Business Leader, Oxford Mail, Witney Gazette