Four final checks for the new immigration system

Dec 20, 2020

Published in the Oxford Times 17 December 2020

Written by Jonathan Beech, Managing Director of Migrate UK


The new immigration system – four final checks for Oxfordshire businesses


Four final checks for the new immigration system

Jonathan Beech

Whether you are currently or considering hiring internationally, now is the time to update your HR polices and compliance to be ready for the new UK immigration system.  Here are the four final checks for the new immigration system.


Check you hold a sponsor licence

The new points based scheme will mainly revolve around sponsorship of employees, where employers much hold a licence to recruit all new EEA and non-EEA arrivals, unless they qualify under non-sponsored routes.  Those who already hold a licence can automatically sponsor migrants under the new Skilled Worker/Intra Company Transfer (ICT) routes.  For those without one, apply at the earliest as current applications are taking up to 12 weeks.


Check who qualifies

The minimum skill level of vacancies that qualify for sponsorship is now ‘A’ level equivalent, opening up over 140 new job codes.  The minimum salary threshold for skilled worker sponsorship has reduced to £25,600.  In specific instances, applicants in shortage professions and ‘new entrants’ qualify if their salary is less than £25,600 but over £20,480.  Workers must be paid the ‘going rate’.


Check current EEA employees are eligible to remain

Ask whether your existing EEA and Swiss (not Irish) employees have applied for residency under the EU Settlement Scheme.  They must have entered the UK by 11pm on 31st of December 2020 and have been ‘habitually‘ living here to be eligible to apply by 30th June 2021.


Check your hiring procedure is compliant

When reviewing your hiring procedure be aware of which jobs are grouped under which occupation codes to ensure your new hire is eligible under the new skilled workers route.  Know the ‘going rates’ to ensure it matches the salary offer.  Keep accurate and up-to-date records for Home Office compliance requirements.


Following these four checks means your business will be ready to retain and build its talented workforce under the new UK immigration system.


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Four final checks for the new immigration system

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