Government commits to end free movement of workers from the EU. Recruiter magazine speaks to Karen Kaur

Oct 18, 2019

Boris Johnson’s government has commited to end free movement of workers from the EU. Employers urged to act fast on lower-skilled EU workers.

Speaking to Recruiter after the Queen’s speech at the state opening of parliament, Karendeep Kaur, senior immigration consultant at Migrate UK, said: “If you have forecast that you need X number of individuals and they might be from Europe, get them into the UK prior to 1 November.”

Kaur explained that if the UK does leave the EU on 31 October without a deal, employers that wait any longer risk losing lower-skilled staff. “In a no-deal scenario, anybody entering the UK from 1 November, and wishing to work will need to apply for the new Euro Temporary Leave to Remain (Euro TLR) visa,” she said.

However, she warned that this temporary leave to remain is valid only for three years and cannot be extended, leaving workers who wish to continue to remain in the UK subject to the immigration rules at the time – which under the government’s plans, is likely to be a Australian-style, points-based system. Immigration lawyers differ on when exactly such a system will be put in place, with some saying “the beginning of 2021”, and others “well into 2021”.  

Given that the proposed current minimum salary threshold for the proposed points-based system is £30,000 – although this may come down – “those lower-skilled workers will not qualify under any other work status, and will therefore be less likely to be able to stay on another visa”, said Kaur. Anyone who does not qualify for another type of visa will then be considered an ‘over-stayer’ by the Home Office and risks being deported.

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