Home Secretary announces immigration cap for doctors from outside the EEA will not be reintroduced

Oct 16, 2018

In June, doctors and nurses were exempted from the visa limit of 20,700 annual restricted certificates of sponsorship for Tier 2 (General) visas applied to employees from outside the EU. 

The continued exemption was immediately welcomed by the medical profession. In other sectors, it has been noted that one of the effects of the cap has been a reduction in the salary requirements for Tier 2 applications, across the board.

People Management asked Jonathan Beech for his comments on this announcement:

 “When the NHS workers were removed from the cap, there was an immediate reduction in the minimum salary required to meet the required number of points to qualify. 

“Prior to NHS workers being removed, the salary required to qualify for a vacancy under the cap in June was around £60,000. This dropped to around £41,000 in July and then £30,000 in August and September,” he added.

“The continued exemption is extremely welcome and we are hopeful that the government decide to accept the Migration Advisory Committee’s (MAC) recommendation that the annual cap is removed altogether – for all sponsored workers.”

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