Latest UK Immigration Figures: July – September 2014

Nov 27, 2014

Latest UK Immigration Figures: July – September 2014

The latest immigration figures highlight interesting trends that have taken place throughout July- September 2014. These include, an increase in work, student and visitor visas being granted. Here are some of the current trends:

Work Visas

6% more work visas were granted between July and September, with high numbers of skilled workers making up this figure. There was a 13% increase in applications from sponsored workers. Most skilled workers were sponsored under the scientific, ICT and financial/ insurance sectors. Scientific, Professional and Technical Activities alone saw an increase of 19% in sponsorship applications. These figures show that there is an increasing demand for overseas labour

Student Visas  

Student visas which were granted, rose a total of 3%, however, the number of students sponsored by the further education sector fell by 13%. More students of Chinese, Brazilian, Saudi Arabian and Libyan citizenship were granted student visas.

Visitor Visas

From July to September 2014, a total of 1.9 million individuals were granted a visitor visa, up 1% from the previous statistics. As of 1st January 2014, United Arab Emirates, Omani and Qatari nationals have been able to visit the UK visa-free, following the introduction of a new Electronic Visa Waiver scheme. Chinese, Philippine and Saudi Arabian nationals saw the largest increase in visitor visa grants.