Lawyer Monthly: General election results are in: What to expect for 2020

Jan 3, 2020

Published 2 January 2020

Lawyer Monthly spoke to a variety of experts in different industries and asked what was the main concern now the decision had been made what changes should we expect in 2020?

Migrate’s MD Jonathan Beech was asked for his thoughts.

“We do now need greater clarity from the newly elected Conservative Party on the UK’s immigration policy. Back in September, the Conservative home secretary asked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to review how an Australian-style points-based (PBS) immigration system could be introduced in Britain to strengthen the UK labour market. But we’re still no clearer on how this new system would work in practice in the UK, and how this fits with the MAC’s much anticipated white paper review into minimum salary thresholds.”

“There may be a manor of implications for many employers, especially in sectors employing a high portion of EU nationals and that if the migration restrictions are poorly implemented without due understanding of the needs of affected industries they could have a negative impact on the country’s economy.”

“The new Conservative Government should look to introduce a declaratory registration system through an Act of Parliament which would confer automatic rights to EU citizens currently residing in the UK to continue to live and work in the UK after Brexit. Hopefully this is something the Conservative Party will now consider so we don’t see scenarios similar to those with the Windrush scandal.

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