Living illegally in the UK to become even tougher

Sep 18, 2015

Yesterday Minister of State for Immigration, James Brokenshire, announced in a press release that new measures, to be introduced in autumn, will aim to tackle illegal immigration, making it even harder for illegal migrants to live in United Kingdom.

The government’s latest proposed measures include a crackdown on individuals driving a car whilst in the UK illegally. The Bill could see vehicles being seized from any individual who does not have the right to be in the UK. Migrants could also find themselves facing a sentence of up to six months in prison and an unlimited fine.

Immigration Enforcement Officers will have new powers to be able to search properties, individuals and seize vehicles if somebody is suspected of being in the UK illegally.

There are three prevailing themes in the new immigration Bill:

  • There will be a clampdown on the exploitation of low-skilled migrants and employers could see an increase in punishments for employing individuals who are in the UK illegally
  • There will be an increase of powers, making it easier to remove individuals who do not have a right to reside in the UK
  • The Bill will build on the Immigration Act 2014, which wants to ensure that only people living legally in the UK can obtain driving licences, bank accounts and rental accommodation

In his statement yesterday, James Brokenshire announced that “Whether it is working, renting a flat, having a bank account or driving a car, the new Immigration Bill will help us to take tougher action than ever before on those who flout the law.”