Lower salary threshold for latest Tier 2 allocations

Jul 14, 2015

All Tier 2 restricted Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) applications scoring at least 45 points will be granted this July. This will come as a relief to UK businesses sponsoring non-EEA nationals and is a stark change to last month’s oversubscribed Tier 2 (General) limit.

Last month, applications scoring less than 50 points were being refused due to the sheer volume of applications exceeding the number of available certificates.

Countless businesses in the UK faced restricted CoS rejections and needed to start the recruitment process from scratch.

June’s minimum salary requirement was £46,000, considerably higher than July’s requirement of £32,000. Migrants who score at least 45 points on their restricted CoS and are being offered a minimum annual salary of £32,000, should be successful.

Managing Director Jonathan Beech said “It is important to note that just because the number of points required for restricted CoS sponsorships are lower than last month, it does not mean that they are going to be the same or lower in the next coming months”.