Medical and Teaching Professionals to be Affected by Important Changes as of April 2017

Dec 19, 2016

Female hand writing on paper

Sponsors may be surprised to know that as of 6 April 2017, they will need to ensure that those employees applying to work in the UK under particular SOC codes, have checked whether they are subject to a new requirement to produce a criminal record certificate as stipulated under Paragraph 320(2A) of the Immigration Rules. This applies to individuals who are aged 18 and above and are applying from any country in which they have been residing for 12 months or over, consequently or cumulatively in the past 10 years.

As of January 2017, sponsors are advised by the Home Office to begin informing possible employees of such changes from the time they assign their Certificate of Sponsorship that they could be subject to the new requirements by the time they make their application. This will give prospective employees enough time to begin requesting certificates. Affected SOC codes (at present) are predominantly within medical and teaching professions.

As a warning to all sponsors, Migrate UK recommends that you plan ahead of the changes in April to ensure that employees requiring a criminal record certificate, are not caught out at the last minute.