Number of work-related visas decreased

Jun 1, 2021

Published in People Management 28 May 2021

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Number of work-related visas decreased

Latest Home Office figures show that the number of work-related visas decreased by more than 37% over the last year. The Skilled Worker visa route had the largest fall.

The fall was attributed to a decrease in grants of Intra-Company Transfer visas, which fell by 72%, as well as a reduction in demand for visas caused by the pandemic and the end of free movement.

Madeleine Sumption, the director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford expressed concern over the number of organisations with sponsor licences not having increased significantly after the end of free movement. Some employers may not be aware that going forward if they want to hire EU citizens they would need a licence to do so.

Applications to the EU Settlement Scheme close on 30 June 2021, therefore businesses are becoming aware of recruitment issues they may face from 1 July.

Chetal Patel, partner at Bates Wells advised employers to prepare their recruitment systems to avoid any discrimination claims if they are found to have not hired someone due to their nationality.

Our managing director, Jonathan Beech suggested that any businesses relying on overseas talent, “especially from the EU, should apply for a sponsor licence if they don’t currently have one”. Not only is it the most cost-effective and efficient route to hire from overseas but also can create an advantage over other potential employers.

Mr Beech also added that organisations with ICT visa holders may want to consider switching their employees to the Skilled Worker Route to allow them to settle in the UK, which may result in a loyal working relationship.

Number of work-related visas decreased

Jonathan Beech Managing Director

If your thinking about applying for a sponsor licence for your organisation and need further information on the application process and supporting documents you will be able to submit get in touch with a member of our team.