People Management asks Jonathan Beech ‘ should businesses be worried by drop in EU migration?’

Nov 29, 2019

The Office for National Statistics data found the number of EU citizens coming to the UK for work had fallen to 90,000: the lowest level since 2012 and down from 190,000 in 2016.

Jessica Brown, journalist for People Management, asked Jonathan Beech what he thought:

While the uncertainty continues, Jonathan Beech, managing director of Migrate UK, said there was little surprise employers were having difficulties attracting and retaining staff. β€œIt’s looking quite worrisome for employers – they will have to be drumming up pretty good incentives to get EU migrants on board, as well as trying to plan for new immigration rules,” he said.’

Jessica Brown contacted a number of experts after official data suggested that net migration from Europe is at its lowest level since 2013. Read what they had to say: