People Management – Number of firms registered as visa sponsors peak as EU immigration hits 15-year low

Mar 2, 2020

Published 28 February 2020 by Siobhan Palmer

Investigating the number of UK businesses registered as sponsors for Tier 2 work visas on the Home Office register, People Management have noted at 28,734, this is the highest number of sponsors ever registered, indicating that UK employers are beginning to understand what is required to avoid future skills shortages.

Jonathan Beech, managing director of Migrate UK, was asked for his opinion and he agreed Brexit was undoubtedly the cause of an increase in sponsorship registrations. “The increase in the number of UK businesses applying for a sponsor licence in the UK started before the [new points-based system] policy announcement, as it became clearer that Brexit was finally going to happen,” he said.

Employers intending to hire EEA citizens into medium and high skilled jobs should consider applying for a sponsor licence, Beech advised, noting “employers need to make themselves attractive to new EEA employees by having a licence in place”.

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