People Management speaks to Jonathan Beech – HR must build a well-staffed post Brexit Britain

Apr 7, 2020

You still need to get ready for Brexit (remember Brexit?)

Written by Jo Faragher. Published 26 March 2020

Details of the UK’s proposed post-Brexit immigration regime were announced in February.  This means businesses across the nation need to be preparing, not just for the impact in January 2021, but for several years down the line when the workforce planning implications will really start to bite for some sectors.

When asked what were the key factors in this preparation, Migrate UK’s MD Jonathan Beech replied, ‘Even if an employer only has plans to hire one worker from the EU (or outside) after January 2021, the employer will need to work on post Brexit skills: the new points-based system and how it works; who will qualify; forecasting what it will mean for their business; understand job codes and think about salaries.

Whan asked what should a business do now, to be ready for the next few years Jonathan had this to say:

‘The new rules only apply to new entrants. EU nationals who arrive in the UK before January 2021 will have until 30 June 2021 to cement their status in the UK, and will still be able to bring family members over the transition period, who will have eligibility to work.’

‘An employer should monitor any revisions to the new points-based system; continue to forecast what the business needs but consider what might change in the immigration rules; be prepared for more routes for individual visas and be aware that roles listed on the shortage occupation lists will evolve, so keep these under review.’

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