Talking Immigration Podcast

Welcome to the Talking Immigration Podcast series, brought to you by Migrate UK, specialist immigration lawyers with over 25 years experience with UK legislation, procedures and solutions.

In this podcast series we are going to be exploring and explaining the complex and often labyrinthine rules and regulations surrounding immigration into the UK.  The podcast is aimed at individuals and organisations, that need to navigate these rules and regulations to operate and work legally in the UK.

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In this first episode, we

  • Update and inform businesses and HR on immigration law changes since Brexit and in light of the March 2021 Budget & the Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules, with changes coming into force on 6th April 2021
  • Confirm how HR/employers can best prepare for these changes
  • Provide information on the new Graduate immigration route and latest information relating to the proposed ‘ elite / science superstar’ visa
  • Discuss the training and advice that’s available to business leaders and HR to help navigate through the complexities of the rules and changes ahead.