Points-based immigration system detail revealed – Personnel Today speaks to Jonathan Beech

Jul 13, 2020

Published 13 July 2020, written by Ashleigh Webber

Points-based immigration system takes shape

Details about how the UK’s points-based immigration system will work have been revealed today.

Visas available to people who want to live and work in the UK have been classified under three routes – Skilled Worker, Global Talent, or Start-up and Innovator.

When asked for his analysis of the points-based immigration system as outlined today, Jonathan Beech, Migrate UK’s Managing Director, said it was disappointing that the document does not mention the sponsor licence application process may have changed.

points-based immigration system detail revealed

Jonathan Beech Managing Director

“Employers are still being encouraged to apply as soon as possible if they need to employ medium/high skilled workers for next year. Considering less than 3% of UK employers have a licence, this is going to be a huge task for employers and the Home Office to undertake,” he said.

“Where the points-based system still doesn’t look good, is for lower skilled industries such as hospitality. There are no categories introduced to cater for jobs in this sector. Furthermore, the Seasonal Workers pilot for agriculture has not been included in the government’s latest policy document as it will conclude at the end of this year. So the decision on whether it will continue under the points-based system won’t be made until later.”

“It is likely that sectors such as hospitality and agriculture will need to attract overseas students. Under the proposed Graduate Route to be introduced from the summer of 2021, international students will have the opportunity to stay in the UK to work or look for work after they graduate for at least 2-3 years.”

He urged employers to look into the detail surrounding the intra-company transfer route. Those who move to the UK via this route will be permitted to switch into the Skilled Worker route if they meet the qualifying requirements.

For information on the new points-based system or how to apply for a sponsor licence, please contact Migrate UK on 01235 841 365 or email info@migrate-uk.com

points-based immigration system detail revealed

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