Government has removed the resident labour market test. People Management speaks to Jonathan Beech

Jul 15, 2020

Published 14 July 2020, written by Jessica Brown

New skilled worker route more restrictive than it seems, warn experts

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The government has removed the resident labour market test, which previously required employers to advertise any job not on the shortage occupation list – with at least two adverts placed – to ensure there were no suitable workers already living permanently in the UK.

Despite a removal of the resident labour market test and relaxation of the cap on this type of employee, ambiguous criteria and high minimum salary thresholds could work against firms .

People Management asked Jonathan Beech for his views:

removed resident labour market test

Jonathan Beech Managing Director

  • Having no cap and no need to advertise the vacancy in the UK first, means sponsors should find it quicker to recruit from overseas.
  • Employers should apply for sponsor licences as soon as possible.

Less than 3 per cent of UK employers currently have a licence, this is going to be a huge task for employers and the Home Office

The governments update on the points-based immigration system and sponsor licences has been the subject of many articles over the last view days.  Jonathan has been interviewed by Personnel Today and HR Magazine.

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removed resident labour market test