Tokamak Energy Case Study

Jan 16, 2023


Tokamak Energy, is a leading global commercial fusion energy company based near Oxford, UK.

The company is developing the fusion power plant of tomorrow while commercialising the technology applications of today.

They are pursuing fusion through the combined development of spherical tokamaks with high temperature superconducting (HTS) magnets.

Their technology of spherical tokamaks and high temperature superconductor (HTS) magnets will mean we can all access clean, sustainable and low-cost energy wherever and whenever it is needed.

Throughout the years the organisation has utilised Migrate UK’s services to securetalented individuals from across the world to work in their offices within the UK – many of these have been under the skilled worker route and on occasion they have
also hosted interns.

Migrate’s Involvement

Recently, we assisted Tokamak Energy with an intern from the USA to join the team for an initial period of 2 months.

Given the strict timelines, the individual was to be onboarded as efficiently as possible.

Before the internship was coming to an end, the business requested the intern to be extended for another period of 2 months which required a fresh certificate of sponsorship from the Tier 5 intern team at GTI resourcing and an extension application to be submitted with UKVI.


The intern had their visa application submitted with UKVI and continued with their internship at Tokamak Energy, leaving the UK once the project had been finalised and returned to the United States.

Migrate UK handled the process as efficiently as possible resulting in the intern remaining in the UK to complete the internship which was a benefit to both their career and Tokamak Energy.

Migrate UK is our go to
immigration team, having been
instructed to handle a range of
application processes for new and
current employees.

The team also deal with
Tokamak’s compliance on the
Sponsor Management System
and provide regular updates on
the current and upcoming
immigration rules. The team act
professionally and diligently

Unit 3, The Old Estate Yard, High Street, East Hendred, Oxfordshire OX12 8JY. email:, Tel: 01235 645800.