Is UK Immigration Policy Restraining the Technology Boom?

Oct 10, 2014

In recent years, the UK’s technology sector has grown rapidly with the creation of ‘silicon roundabout’ and the numerous tech firms located nearby. There have been $30bn technology start-ups produced since the early 2000s in Europe alone. With many originating from the United Kingdom.

The UK is perhaps leading the way in terms of technology sector growth and its economic implications. However, recent reports show that the technology sector could be faced with a skills shortage, a position feared by many employers. This shortage of qualified, highly skilled migrants in the technology sector may be down to the UK’s ‘stringent’ immigration policy according to critics.

Reports show that the Points Based System has proven to be complex for many firms in terms of compliance, with smaller companies struggling to meet various immigration requirements. Thus, putting employers off from hiring abroad altogether.

If the technology sector is to continue booming in the UK, it seems that the immigration rules will need to be relaxed, with highly skilled migrants along with students being prioritised.

Lord Heseltine recently stated that students should also be exempt from immigration cuts, this could also have a profound effect on the technology boom because graduates play a huge role in the technology sector.