UK-India migration route for young professionals

May 6, 2021

The partnership agreement signed on 4th May 2021 creates a new UK-India migration route for young professionals to live and work in one another’s countries.

This professional and cultural exchange programme is similar to the current Youth Mobility Schemes. However, India is the first country to be added to the list of nations requiring a visa to benefit from this.

The agreement aims to promote an exchange of students and professional skilled workers between India and the UK, whilst also enhancing cooperation on combatting immigration crime and fraud. It gives an opportunity for young professionals to enhance their skills and deploy them in their countries of nationality.

The parties to the agreement have also set out to establish regular contacts and exchange of information about migration outcomes and policy intent.

The scheme builds on previous announcement of the new post-study Graduate Route opening on 1 July 2021.

Who qualifies under the Young Professionals Scheme? 

 To qualify, an individual:

  • Must be between the ages 18-30
  • Must hold a diploma/degree (at least three years’ higher education) or have professional experience of comparable level.
  • Must be able to express themselves in the language(s) of the host country
  • Will be subject to the criteria defined by the host country.

What does the UK-India migration route for young professionals offer?

  • The scheme will be open to 3,000 young people from each of India and the UK per year.
  • Under this ambitious new migration partnership, young professionals will be authorised to take up employment. The authorised work period will be of 24 months for all eligible applicants. 
  • Once the authorised work period expires, young UK or Indian professionals must stop residing in the host country. Both countries will take measures to ensure that the young professionals concerned return to their country of nationality.
  • However, they may be authorised to continue their stay in the host country if they obtain an employment contract in accordance with the host country’s immigration laws and regulations.

This historic UK-India migration partnership for young professionals is part of the UK Government’s commitment to delivering an immigration system that attracts talent from India and around the world.

UK-India migration partnership for young professionals

Karen Kaur and Jonathan Beech – Immigration Lawyers

Both countries also agreed to jointly take appropriate steps to prevent and suppress illegal migration, smuggling of migrants and human trafficking.

For further information on immigration routes for students and young skilled professionals contact Migrate UK.