The most unusual jobs UK employers can't fill

Migrate UK, of the 143 job codes added to the Government’s Appendix Skilled Worker job list has revealed the most unusual jobs employers can fill through sponsorship from knitters, wig makers and canine beauticians to vent chick sexers and slaughtermen.

These figures show the sheer range and scale of the UK’s hidden job shortages. While a lack of skills such as nurses, care workers or HGV drivers are already well known, among the 143 job roles added and eligible for sponsorship are some of the more ‘hidden’ occupations which employers are having difficulty recruiting. Employers now have the potential to hire overseas talent for these roles if UK workers, with the required skills, are difficult to come by.

Other rare jobs found in the Appendix Skilled Worker job list include microwave engineer, meteorologist, food technologist and ceramicist.  But whether a nurse or a vent chick sexer, all of the 143 additional occupations to the list are subject to more favourable immigration arrangements under the current points-based Immigration System, enabling employers to potentially recruit overseas candidates to fulfil critical job vacancies more quickly.

Awareness of skilled worker job codes

Comments Jonathan Beech, Managing Director, Migrate UK: “Most of the British public and even some of the wider business community outside their own sectors are unaware of the extreme range and scale of the lack of talent in the UK. While of course roles such as nurses and care workers are already known for their persistent shortages, there’s a whole ‘hidden’ range of occupations such as wig makers or slaughterman where businesses are in dire need of extra workers to just stay in business, or cope with demand.

“For any employer struggling to recruit, I’d recommend checking if the required job roles are on the extensive list if they haven’t already, as they could potentially benefit from a pool of worldwide talent. If a business hasn’t already explored sponsoring overseas workers whether, via skilled worker or other routes, this is also open to exploration – we regularly help organisations who have previously struggled to fulfil positions, meet crucial job requirements through sponsorship.

“Just 3.5% of UK employers possessed a licence to sponsor EU or non-EU workers despite widespread talent shortages in the last quarter of 2022*. We advise any business large or small suffering from persistent skills shortages to apply for a sponsor licence to support their recruitment. 

How you can submit a job role to the Shortage Occupation List (SOL)

“In addition, for any roles not on the current Appendix Skilled Worker list or Shortage Occupation List (SOL), which haven’t been previously represented and are facing severe and unexpected shortages, despite repeated efforts of employers and the sector to recruit resident workers, I’d also advise a business to submit evidence for the next SOL review by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC). Organisations have until 26 May 2023 to do so under the Government’s Shortage Occupation List call for evidence 2023.”

Read the full article here and please get in touch with us if you would like any information on whether your current skills shortages apply


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