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We are a specialist business immigration company that works with UK businesses to secure the talent they need to make them more efficient, productive and enable them to grow and flourish.

Get the right talent, In the right place, In the right job, At the right time!

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Our team works with UK businesses that are finding it very difficult to recruit for key roles. There are over 1 million job vacancies in the UK and typically businesses have the following impact from recruitment challenges

Image showing how Migrate UK can expand your talent pool
Image showing how Migrate UK can expand your talent pool


we do it

The Migrate UK team are experts in navigating ever changing immigration rules.

We have developed clear proven processes for businesses that have enabled us to have successfully processed 6,500+ skilled worker visa applications.

This means that we make the process clear and transparent and give you the best chance of getting the talent you need for your business.

We provide this service for all sizes of UK business, and we are delighted to work with new technology business through to some of the leading companies in the UK.

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making it happen

Our process has seven simple steps.



Book a free initial appointment with the Migrate UK team


Business Review

We discuss your vacancy requirements and background of your business


Candidate Review

Should you have identified a candidate, we check they qualify for your vacancy


Evaluate Sponsorship Potential

We evaluate your ability to gain an employer sponsor licence and if positive, provide a detailed costed proposal


Prepare Sponsor Licence Application

Complete online application including justifications, recommend and check supporting documents & cover letter and assist with submission


Candidate Sponsorship & Support

Request, prepare & issue a certificate of sponsorship for your employee. Provision of guidance for entire visa process to include any dependants


Sponsorship Licence Management

We have introduced a service to manage your compliance with right to work, reporting & record keeping and a provision of a point of support for ongoing advice

All costs are transparent throughout the process

how much

will this cost?

Recruiting overseas talent can be very cost competitive. Costs do vary by company size & occupation but typical sme costs are as follows:


Please make an appointment to speak to our team who can provide you with the costs for your business requirements

Some of our clients & partners




Our expert business immigration lawyers and advisors are always available to support you and your team.

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Proven process 

We deal with all of the paperwork and the application process for you to give peace of mind that everything is being done correctly and efficiently.


Your own consultant

Each of our clients has a dedicated point of contact who gets to understand your business and your requirements.

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We look after your team

We manage the whole process for your team and their family from the initial application to applying for settlement in the UK.


Stress free compliance

We manage all of your compliance, right to work checks, reporting and record keeping.



We can provide training workshops for your business covering areas such as CoS process, online application process and sponsor licence duties & responsibilities.

can it 

work for you?

70,000 organisations of all sizes have already secured the employer sponsorship license and many of your competitors are benefiting from this proven route to find talent 

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High experienced new recruits 


Productive employees


Less training costs


Accelerate growth


Loyal employees

Sectors our Expert Business Immigration Lawyers work with:

Technology | Engineering | Health Sector | Hospitality & Leisure | Banking & Insurance

Business Services | Professional Services |  Construction | Universities | Finance | Education | Recruitment Companies


quotes from key clients.


Migrate UK is our trusted immigration provider and the team have worked with a number of HR partners.  Migrate is instructed to handle any compliance related queries and provide regular updates on the current and upcoming immigration rules.

Discover Digital

Migrate UK went above and beyond in providing us with Sponsorship Licence Advice.  We are very impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and responsiveness. Their guidance was invaluable in navigating the complex immigration process.

World renowned energy company

Migrate UK has been our immigration provider since 2014 and we have a strong rapport with the team. Migrate acts on our behalf for all compliance related queries and provides regular updates on the current and upcoming immigration rules.


our team

We are retained as in-house immigration advisors to some of the world's largest most recognisable organisations, as well as individuals, both here in the UK and worldwide.

Jonathan Beech

Angelique Parmentier

Karen Kaur



Tokamak Energy

Tokamak Energy, is a leading global commercial fusion energy company based near Oxford, UK. Recently, we assisted with an intern from the USA to join the team for an initial period of 2 months.

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World renowned energy company

To allow the business to complete a recent 12 month transformation project, it required some of the best talent across their global enterprise to work in their offices within the UK on structured projects often on a tight timescale and whilst adhering to the UK Immigration rules.

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Immunocore, are a pioneering, commercial-stage T cell receptor biotechnology company.  Regularly, the business acquires some of the most talented individuals across the global market to work in their offices within the UK on life transforming projects whilst remaining compliant with UK Immigration rules.

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info hub


The knock on effect to UK businesses of UKVI fee increases

Date: 02/22/2024

Time: 01:00

Venue: Linkedin Audio Event

The UKVI fee increases are going to affect some 70,000 UK companies currently finding their skilled talent from the overseas market - what will the impact of UKVI fee increases be?  Join our Linkedin audio event to find out more

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Tips on how to find overseas talent

Date: 01/25/2024

Time: 01:00

Venue: Audio: Linkedin

Join our next Linkedin audio event where Karen Kaur, our Legal Director will be discussing tips on how to find overseas talent.

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2024 Predictions for UK Immigration

The landscape of UK immigration for 2024 is poised for significant changes. From adjustments to minimum salary requirements for skilled workers, to the potential replacement of the shortage occupation list, as well as many other changes to long standing practices.

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Our predictions for UK immigration policy in 2024

After the controversial hike in skilled worker minimum visa salary recently announced, what else lies on the agenda for immigration policy next year, and how can employers prepare?

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New Home Improvement Group Case Study

New Home Improvement Group are a leading building company based in Oxfordshire, we assisted with a sponsor licence application with a quick turnaround, and application of a certificate of sponsorship for an employee who was in the UK under the graduate visa route which was due to expire. 

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UK Immigration Summary from 2023

Change is the norm in UK immigration law, and 2023 has been no exception.  This article summarises changes we have seen this year and it's far from over!

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2023 predictions for UK immigration policy as skills shortages escalate

Our Managing Director, Jonathan Beech speaks to HR Magazine about his UK immigration and policy predictions for 2023.  Read the full article here

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Why net migration in the UK is at a record high

The unprecedentedly high net immigration are the result of the UK’s reliance on overseas labour to fill job vacancies as skills shortages continue across many key sectors including life sciences, healthcare, engineering and tech, according to our Managing Director, Jonathan Beech

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UK Immigration - What we are seeing this month

Delays in the assurance of Biometric Residence permits and delays in the approval of Defined Certificate of Sponsorships are just some of the things we are seeing in UK immigration this month.

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Our expert immigration lawyers help clients in:

London | Manchester | Birmingham | Leeds | Liverpool Sheffield | Newcastle | Brighton | Leicester | Oxford Glasgow | Bristol | Edinburgh | and across the UK

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Unit 3, The Old Estate Yard High Street, East Hendred Oxfordshire, OX12 8JY.

Nearest train station is Didcot Parkway. 45 minutes from London. 

Press Office related enquiries, please contact 01242 335246 or email: migrate@headonpr.co.uk

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