Dispelling the myths around recruiting overseas talent for UK Businesses

We are often surprised that there is a low level of awareness of UK business’s ability to recruit great talent from overseas. There are over 1.2 million vacancies in the UK and many UK organisations are struggling to find the talent they need to maintain and grow their business.

50,000 UK based organisations are successfully onboarding overseas employees, with 300,000 sponsored worker visas being approved for the year leading up to June 2022. However, 96% of UK companies are missing out.

The key myths holding organisations back

  1. My company isn’t big enough to qualify
  2. It all looks complicated and expensive
  3. It’s too difficult to manage and more red tape
  4. Overseas recruits need to be rocket scientists or have a PhD

The great news is all businesses have the opportunity to use this route to fill vacancies for over 240 job codes, ranging from chefs, stable hands, construction workers to software developers.

You just need to prove you have a genuine vacancy and a UK business set up.

UK Business only – Book your free consultation

We are delighted to offer all UK businesses a free consultation and carry out an initial review of your circumstances.

We will show how we can: –

  • Make the process pain free
  • How this route can be cost effective to you
  • And, how we manage the whole process for you and your organisation

Migrate UK have successfully processed 6,500+ Employer Sponsor Licences for UK businesses. We manage the whole process for our clients and give you the peace of mind and continued support via your dedicated Immigration Specialist Account Manager.

If you are a UK business and would like to know more about recruiting overseas talent, please get in touch with the team here at Migrate UK.


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