Hiring skilled overseas talent – will it work for your UK Business?

The challenges for UK businesses

Is hiring skilled overseas talent a viable option for your business?  Our team regularly get asked by UK organisations to explain or justify whether this route could work for them with the main concerns being:-

  • Cost
  • Timescales
  • Complexity – does my business qualify?
  • And, how has it worked for other businesses like mine?

The welcome news is that this route is already used by 50,000 UK businesses from sectors including technology, life sciences, hospitality, construction and healthcare.

We know from clients that traditional recruitment costs are very high and can range in fees for £10,000 for a £40,000 role to £25,000 upwards for a £100,000 role, let alone the loss of revenue due to lack of staff. Loss of production capacity, customer service decline and staff workload pressure.

How much does each vacancy cost you and your businesses?

Pleasingly, the average employer-based costs for onboarding an overseas sponsored worker for five years are:

  • £3,200 for a small employer
  • £8,200 for a large employer

Migrate UK have successfully advised and processed 6,000 work-based applications ranging from clients who have only two employees to clients with over one hundred thousand employees.

The roles vary from chefs, jockeys, life scientists, computer engineers through to constructions workers such as plumbers, electricians and heating engineers. Migrate UK’s Immigration Team manage the whole process on clients behalf and give them the peace of mind and continued support via their dedicated immigration consultant.

Let us show you how

Migrate UK are delighted to offer all UK businesses a free consultation to find out how they can hire overseas skilled talent.  Beginning with an initial review of your circumstances.

  • We will demonstrate how we can make the process pain free
  • How this route can be cost-effective for your business
  • And how we manage the whole process for you and your organisation

Please get in touch with the team here at Migrate UK if you have any questions you would like answered on any of the above.


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