Horse Racing Industry Solution To Recruitment Crisis

Horse Racing Industry Recruitment Crisis

Do you work in the horse racing industry and are struggling to recruit from within the UK?

In the past year, Migrate UK have been contacted by many stables, breeders, racehorse owners within the horse racing industry.  All experiencing the same problem; they are really struggling to recruit experienced staff from within the UK.  We have been fortunate enough to help 40+ stables in filling their vacancies by assisting with their Sponsor Licence application to recruit from the global talent pool, and helping them "get back on the horse".

The following jobs are available for sponsorship under the skilled worker visa, with the standard occupation code listed below:

6139 Animal care services occupations:

  • Work riders
  • Head lad and travelling head lad for horseracing stables
  • Head groom for horseracing stables and performance horse stud farms
  • Competition groom
  • Stud hand, stallion handler, foaling specialists in performance horse
  • Head riding instructor

1213 Managers and proprietors in forestry, fishing, and related services

  • Racehorse trainer

To be eligible for sponsorship, the job offer holder will need to demonstrate that:

  • they have a job offer from a Home Office licensed sponsor and the job is eligible for this visa.
  • they speak English at the required level 
  • the job offer is at the required skill level of RQF3 or above 
  • they’ll be paid at least £26,200 or £10.75 per hour or the ‘going rate for the job offer, whichever is higher

If the applicant is what is referred to as a ‘new entrant’ then the minimum salary threshold is reduced to £20,960 or 70% of the going rate for the job, whichever is the higher & the individual must be paid at least £10.75 per hour. They will be a new entrant if they are:

  • Under the age of 26 when applying for the skilled worker visa
  • Switching from the student or graduate routes 
  • Have a PhD level qualification that’s relevant to the job

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