World renowned energy company


World renowned leader in carbon-efficient production of traditional energy for millions around the world have recently completed a 12 month transformation to supply energy which is reliable, affordable and ever-cleaner.

To allow the business to do so, it required some of the best talent across their global enterprise to work in their offices within the UK on structured projects often on a tight timescale and whilst adhering to the UK Immigration rules.

Migrate’s Involvement

Assigned with the task to manage all current UK based sponsored workers and ensure they are looked after when it comes to liaising with UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) for any renewal process.

The aim is to ensure the process is as smooth and stress-free for all involved. With the current crises across the globe, we have worked on tight deadlines and quick turnarounds for application submissions, even where UKVI have suspended priority processing.

Alternatives are always sought and offered, focusing on the route with minimal disruption.

One such case involved chasing UKVI on a weekly basis, keeping all involved up to date and in the end switching the process to an out of country application for the desired result to be achieved without any further delay.


The employee secured entry clearance from outside of the UK following departure from the UK for business needs.

The turnaround from outside of the UK was much smoother and resulted in the employee returning to the UK within a matter of weeks.

Migrate UK handled the in-country process, realising quite soon that UKVI was unable to meet their service standard.

As a result, alternatives were provided to HR and the employee allowing all concerned to make a judgment call on how best to proceed forward – keeping everyone in the loop resulted in returning a semblance of control to the employee, in what would have been a stressful situation had alternatives not been explored.


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