EU Settlement Scheme update July 2023

EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS) Update July 2023

Do you currently hold a pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme (EUSS)?  The UK Home Office (UKVI) launched the EUSS on 21st January 2019 in readiness for Brexit.

On July 17th 2023, UKVI announced their intentions on streamlining the process for pre-settled status extensions and for those switching to settled status.  Additionally, the importance of keeping contact and ID details up to date has been highlighted.

Changes to pre-settled status holders from September 2023

According to the update, from September 2023, individuals with pre-settled status under the EUSS will automatically have their status extended for a further two years nearer the time to when their status is due to expire, provided they have not obtained settled status. 

This safeguards an individual’s status in the UK and ensures that a pre-settled status holder will not lose their right to live and work in the UK for failing to make an application to extend in time. There is no need to contact UKVI about the extension as this will be automatically applied to their digital status, with UKVI reaching out once this has been actioned.

In 2024, plans are also underway for those with pre-settled status to be automatically switched to settled status, provided UKVI has all the information to hand. Therefore, another reminder of the important to keep your ID details up to date. During this process UKVI will check government held information such as ongoing continuous residence in the UK. 

This change does not stop those holding pre-settled status and that have now been living continuously in the UK for at least 5 years, from making a further EUSS application to switch to settled status and are encouraged to do so. 

EU, EEA and Swiss citizens

The Government seeks to ensure that EU, other EEA and Swiss citizens and their family members in the UK can continue to make a hugely valued contribution to British society without fear of losing their immigration status by simply failing to apply for settled status.

What you need to do:

  • Keep your contact and document details up to date such as your email address to ensure you receive any updates or information on your EUSS status.
  • Update the Home Office when you are issued a new passport or (for EU, other EEA or Swiss citizens) national identity card.
  • Should you travel to or from the UK, you are recommended to travel using the document you used to apply to the EUSS.

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