Increased fines for illegally employing migrant workers

UK Government Proposes Massive Fines Surge for Illegally Employing Migrant Workers 

In a bold move, the UK government has just proposed an alarming increase in fines for those caught illegally employing migrant workers, making compliance an urgent priority like never before.  

The civil penalty for employers will be raised, for a first breach from £15,000, up to £45,000 per illegal worker and for any repeat breaches the penalty increases from £20,000 up to £60,000. Since the start of 2018, almost 5,000 civil penalties have been issued to employers with a total value of £88.4m 

Establishing procedures to verify eligibility 

For organisations that employ or plan to employ overseas workers, the importance of adherence to immigration regulations cannot be exaggerated. The ramifications of non-compliance can be monumental. Whether you're seeking to employ workers from overseas or effectively managing your current foreign workforce, establishing procedures to verify eligibility is essential. 

The "right to work" check is a safeguard. The process revolves around confirming the eligibility of employees to work within the UK. As the government's spotlight on compliance intensifies, conducting right to work checks should be a necessity for all employers. Right to work checks protect organisations from potential legal nightmares and reputational damage in the face of company audits or enquiries. 

The prospect of tripling fines for employing illegal migrants casts a spotlight on the need for vigilance in your HR practices.  

Prioritise right-to-work checks

Whether you're recruiting international talent or overseeing foreign employees, adherence to regulations is crucial. Prioritise right-to-work checks, consider securing a Sponsor Licence, and contact legal experts like us. 

Amongst the frequently changing immigration laws, successfully employing overseas workers can be a smoother process with our help and guidance. Should you require guidance on employing overseas workers, ensuring compliance, or even obtaining a Sponsor Licence, don't hesitate to contact us


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