UKVI Announce NHS Surcharge Immigration Fee Increase 2023

Immigration fee increases 2023 announced by UKVI

*No announcement was made on the timing of the increases.

However, we must wait and see whether it will be deemed legal to increase immigration fees for the purpose of funding pay rises for public sector workers. The power to set immigration and nationality fees is conferred on the Home Secretary by the Immigration Act 2014, so this could potentially cause a delay of when/if the new charges come into force.

What to expect 

Should the increases be deemed legal, the following can be expected:

The normal rate for the immigration health surcharge will increase from £624 to £1,035 per year. This will be paid by workers entering for a period of six months or more and the family members of migrants and British citizens alike.

The discounted rate for students, children and youth mobility visa holders will be increased from £470 to £776 per year.

Immigration and nationality fees will also be increased. Work and visit visas will rise by 15%. Student visas, certificates of sponsorship, settlement, citizenship, entry clearance and leave to remain applications by “at least 20%”.

The fee of £19.20 for biometric enrolment will be abolished, as will the £161 charge for transfer of conditions.

Fees will no longer be charged for amending details on physical documents such as name, sex marker, nationality and photograph.

Fees will be abolished for like-for-like replacement of a biometric residence permit where the document has expired. This will primarily benefit those with indefinite leave to remain, whose cards have a maximum 10-year validity, with most due to expire in 2024.

The cost of student and priority service applications outside and inside the UK will be equalised. It is currently cheaper to apply from within the UK for several visa types.

Subject to approval, we will provide an update when the date of the increase in fees is announced.

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